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LATEST NEWS (01/27/16):

Two new releases are now available! Check out the new tapes by The Vomit Arsonist and a Regosphere/Vomit Arsonist collaboration. For fans of these projects these two are a must own! We are running low on many of the older releases, with less than 10 copies available of each. So this would be a great time to take advantage of our 5 for 4 tape deal to make sure you don't miss out. We have some other great new tapes in the works for this winter and the new Regosphere full length is quickly approaching completion. Keep your eyes peeled, and as always, PLAY LOUD!

We have also uploaded the majority of our long running 3" CD-R series to the bandcamp page. They are free until the end of the month and will be just $3 each after that. There's still a few more to put up, but with close to 20 already uploaded, you should have plenty of great sounds to keep you busy. Check them out right over here! We've also made available some of the newer out of print tapes.