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LATEST NEWS (05/3/15):

The Regosphere / Teeth Engraved tape is out now! Two of Oregon's most well known Death-Industrial acts combine forces on this new installment of our C20 series to bring you what will be one of the heaviest tapes of the summer by far. They will be playing a show together in honor of this tape at The Boreal in Eugene, OR on May 23rd along with very special headliner Deathpile / Angel Of Decay main man Jonathan Canady for what will surely be a fucking devistating show! Check out the Facebook event page.

This is also our first tape to include a download card with it. We have been slowly building a bandcamp page to offer digital versions of our releases to fans that want them. For now there are some out of print releases available, and we plan to add more in the near future along with merch options. All money from downloads goes to fund future releases and as always, we greatly appreciate your support. Check out the bandcamp page right here!